Exclusive Interview: Reuben Owen Opens Up About Amanda and Clive's Separation on 'Our Yorkshire Farm'

Reuben Owen, the beloved star of "Our Yorkshire Farm," has stepped into the limelight once again, but this time not just to share tales of farm life, but to shed light on a more personal matter: his parents' separation. Rising to fame alongside his mum and dad, Amanda and Clive Owen, on their Channel 5 series, Reuben has now candidly opened up about how life has been since their split. Despite the family's public announcement of their separation in 2022, Reuben reveals that little has changed at Ravenseat Farm, where his parents still work side by side. In an exclusive interview ahead of his solo series, "Life in the Dales," Reuben reassures fans that his parents continue to be a united front in co-parenting their nine children. "It doesn’t really make a difference," he shares. "They are just there as they always have been." With a glimpse into their daily life, Reuben describes seeing his parents knee-deep in farm chores, their dedication unwavering despite personal changes. Reflecting on his relationship with his parents, Reuben praises them as "a brilliant pair" who have been unwaveringly supportive throughout his endeavors, including his budding digging business. As Reuben's journey unfolds on "Life in the Dales," viewers can anticipate more intimate insights into his life, including adventures with his girlfriend Sarah Dow and friend Tommy as they explore France in the upcoming episode.

During a recent interview, the young adventurer shared his favorite memory from the trip: "Driving my Land Rover in France was definitely the highlight for me." With a gleam of nostalgia, he likened the experience to the iconic journeys of "Top Gear," traversing the countryside in a trusty but well-worn vehicle. "It felt like a true adventure," he mused, recalling how the Land Rover proved its reliability on the French motorways, much to the curiosity of the locals. "You don't see many Land Rovers over there," he remarked with a grin. For those eager to join Reuben on his escapades, "Reuben: Life in the Dales" awaits on My5, offering a glimpse into his thrilling journeys and the charm of rural life.

As Reuben reflects on his unforgettable journey through France, it's evident that the spirit of adventure runs deep within him. With his trusty Land Rover as his companion, he embraced the open road and the enchanting landscapes, evoking memories of classic travel adventures. As viewers eagerly tune in to "Reuben: Life in the Dales" on My5, they're invited to embark on his exhilarating escapades and witness the beauty of the countryside through his eyes. Whether navigating the winding roads of Yorkshire or cruising along the French motorways, Reuben's zest for life shines through, reminding us all of the joy that comes from embracing the journey, wherever it may lead.